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Welcome to Up/Download Server. We design IT solutions that help businesses achieve their goals.

cloud computing

Private Cloud Solutions

Run applications, upload, and download data with optimal performance and reliability.

dedicated servers

Dedicated Servers

Build your business' infrastructure using servers that make use of next-gen parts.

Data Backup Solutions

Use our advanced backup solutions to ensure business continuity and save your data.

data backup

Disaster Recovery

Recover critical business data after hardware failures and ransomware attacks, etc.

disaster recovery


How do Content Distribution Networks Work?

A Content Delivery Network (also known as a CDN) consists of hundreds, and sometimes even thousands of interconnected servers, which allow people to get faster access to Internet content, services and applications. Cloudflare is one of the biggest CDNs in the world, and it has a free plan for individuals who run personal or hobby projects that are not business critical.


Essential Router Settings to Boost Security

So, you have purchased a new router, and you are eager to see it in action. You have unpacked it, and then you have set up a strong Wi-Fi password for your wireless network, as instructed by the manual. But is that all you need to do to keep your wireless devices secure? Not at all, according to George Hardesty, CEO of Data Alliance, who states that over 80% of routers are vulnerable to cyber attacks. Here's what you can do to keep your network clients safe.



Discover the Intelligent Internet Data Solutions Provider. Our systems are easy to use, scalable and affordable.

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3,460 billion

Estimated IT spending this year

The Americas

Largest market for IT & business

257.9 billion

Public cloud services market size

104.7 billion

AWS' SaaS revenue this year

(Source: Statista)

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Working with U/D Server has always been a pleasure! Casey has been tremendously helpful, working with us after hours to make sure that everything runs as expected. All our datacenter-related requirements have been fulfilled now.

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